Choosing the Right Body Oil for You

Revive Body Oil: Organic Body + Massage Oil

"Where have I been on body oils?!" A friend recently sent me this text after she tried out Revive šŸ˜

If you're also new to using body oils, here are a few reasons to love them:

šŸ’¦ Skin-loving: They're ultra-nourishing and hydrating - your skin will go from dull to dewy in an instant. Nervous that oils will make your skin "oily?" No need to worry: each ingredient was carefully vetted, not only for skin-loving benefits, but also for quick absorption.
šŸŒ± Simple + Natural: Unlike lotions, which water down the powerhouse ingredients, these water-free blends contain ONLY the good stuff - 5 ingredients in Revive and 1 ingredient in Golden Organic Jojoba.
šŸŒŽ Eco-conscious packaging: Because oil blends are concentrated goodness, a 4 ounce glass bottle of oil is going to last you a LOT longer than a 4 oz plastic bottle of lotion.

Now, it's just a matter of deciding which body oil to choose. In the simplest of terms, it comes down to your preference on scent. Jojoba naturally has a very subtle nutty smell, while Revive has organic eucalyptus and organic orange essential oils.

What's your preference: are you a skincare minimalist or an essential oil lover??

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