Rest is Productive

Let her rest.  When she wakes, she'll move mountains.


This belief is so near and dear to my heart that when I was pregnant with my youngest, I built and painted this wall art that is still hanging up in his bedroom:

Homemade Wall Art that reads "Let Him Sleep, for When He Wakes He'll Move Mountains"

Sure, you could read this and think: "That mom is really trying to manifest herself a "good" sleeper!"...and maybe there's a little truth to that 😅...But also, I just fundamentally believe we can be our best version of ourselves, and put our best work out into the world, on a sustained basis, only if and when we make time to rest and recharge. 

What does rest look like for you? 

It could be literal rest - sleeping in, sneaking away for a little nap? For me it’s stepping out of my (self-imposed) busy and organized schedule and just being with my kids in unstructured outdoor play - a “walk around the neighborhood” that takes 45 minutes and never even makes it past the next door neighbors' yard.  They do have the best roly polies. 

When I need a break from them (and frankly, everyone else too...maybe even myself), it's art.  I majored in math and econ, spent 11 years in banking, and prefer to manage everything from this little business to family vacations in excel.  Art is my way of turning the volume all the way down on the side of my brain that quantifies, sorts and analyzes.  There's a physical unwind that happens in that quietness.

Whatever it is that helps you break free of the tunnel vision we often get as we're zooming forward on this racetrack, I hope you find it today.  Be patient with yourself.  You'll do great things.  You'll move mountains.  But first: rest.

Take care,

Britt, founder of this small organic skincare business

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