Our Commitment to Sustainability

We're on a mission to simplify self-care with sustainable skincare

Hands holding seedling - planting trees

One of the best things about being a small business is being able to intentionally weave our mission into every step of our process.  

Formulating: Lotions are notably absent from our product line up, because they're typically 60-80% water.  Our concentrated (water-free) formulations deliver more uses per glass bottle.  Undiluted goodness is better for your skin; and smaller packaging is better for the planet.  Our products are also plant-based and Vegan, which means, no beeswax, honey, dairy products, etc. are included in your Seedling products.

Ingredient sourcing:  Did you notice the lovely USDA Organic seal on our products?  We take that very seriously because it means that we and our suppliers all have detailed and audited practices that maintain organic integrity.  Organic farmers also protect wildlife and promote biodiversity; use integrated pest management; and work to improve and maintain ecosystems for future generations.  For ingredients that have fair trade standards available (like Coconut Oil), we only source products that are both Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic Certified.

Production: If you've watched any of our behind the scenes videos on Instagram, you know every step of our production is done by hand in-house.  From blending, to filling, to labeling, to shipping.  We take care of it all right out of our Long Beach-based, USDA Organic Certified home kitchen.

Packaging: All of our products are in glass bottles or jars, and none of those are re-packaged in boxes.  For our clay mask, infused salt, toners, body oil, cleansing oil + hair oil, we squeezed all information onto our bottle labels in order to skip the outer boxes.  For our face oils, we shrank our paper footprint by ditching the boxes in favor of tags that we attach with reusable hair ties.  We're also working towards offering refill options in 2023! 

Shipping: Our shipments are carbon neutral through carbon-offset purchases.  When you check out with Shop Pay, Shopify covers this cost.  When you check out using any other method, we're happy to make that investment ourselves.

Planting trees:  We plant 1 tree for every product sold, and 5 for every organic facial booked with our spa partners.  Click here to learn about why we chose to plant with Tree Nation + see a live update on our forest!

Empowering women: While planet care is central to sustainability, to make those efforts sustainable, we also need to take care of the care-takers, which means prioritizing and simplifying self-care and empowering women around the world.  We love how Tree Nation helps us align planet care with empowering women through their “Employ to Plant" program that provides fair wage employment to people living in extreme poverty to produce, plant, and protect millions of native trees every month.  By donating to we also join the mission of making the essential human right of safe water access a reality.